Below is a list of all the permanent managers that Doncaster Rovers have had since the appointment of Arthur Porter in 1920. In the 41 years prior to Porter, the team was selected by club committee, a standard practice by football clubs at the time. After Dean Saunders left to manage Wolverhampton Wanderers, Brian Flynn became the clubs 38th full-time manager.

Name From To Notes
Brian Flynn Jan 2013
Dean Saunders Sept 2011Jan 2013
Sean O'Driscoll Sept 2006 Sept 2011
Mickey Walker Sept 2006 Caretaker manager
Dave Penney Jan 2002 Aug 2006
Steve Wignall May 2000 Jan 2002
Dave Penney/
Mark Atkins
Apr 2000 May 2000 Player/caretaker managers
Ian Snodin Aug 1998 Apr 2000 Player/manager
Mark Weaver/
Danny Bergara
Dec 1997 May 1998 Bergara was appointed Director of Football and worked alongside general manager Mark Weaver as the "management team"
Danny Bergara Nov 1997
Dave Cowling Oct 1997
Colin Richardson Sep 1997 Caretaker manager
Kerry Dixon Aug 1996 Aug 1997 Player/manager
Sammy Chung Jul 1994 Aug 1996
Ian Atkins Jan 1994 June 1994 Atkins made seven appearances during 1993–4 but was not a "player-manager"
Tony Cunningham Dec 1993 Jan 1994 Player/caretaker manager
Steve Beaglehole Nov 1991 Dec 1993
Billy Bremner June 1989 Nov 1991
Joe Kinnear Mar 1989 June 1989
Dave Mackay Dec 1987 Mar 1989
Dave Cusack Oct 1985 Dec 1987 Player/manager
Billy Bremner Nov 1979 Oct 1985 Bremner made 5 appearances for the club between 1980 and 1982
Cyril Knowles Nov 1979 Caretaker manager
Stan Anderson Feb 1975 Nov 1979
Johnny Quigley Nov 1974 Feb 1975 Caretaker manager
Maurice Setters June 1971 Nov 1974
Lawrie McMenemy Nov 1968 May 1971
Jackie Bestall Nov 1968 Caretaker manager
George Raynor June 1967 Nov 1968
Keith Kettleborough Dec 1966 May 1967 Player/manager
Jackie Bestall/
Tom Garnett
May 1966 Dec 1966 Garnett (secretary) and Bestall were in charge of team affairs until December 1966
Jackie Bestall/
Frank Marshall
Feb 1966 May 1966 Joint caretaker managers after Leivers resignation
Bill Leivers Aug 1964 Feb 1966 Player/manager
Oscar Hold Apr 1962 Apr 1964
Frank Marshall Mar 1962 Apr 1962 Caretaker manager
Danny Malloy Aug 1961 Mar 1962 Player/manager. Malloy's title was "player-coach", but he was in charge of team affairs
Norman Curtis Aug 1960 Jul 1961 Player/manager
Jackie Bestall Apr 1959 Aug 1960
Jack Crayston June 1958 Apr 1959
Syd Bycroft/
Jack Hodgson
Jan 1958 June 1958 Joint managers
Peter Doherty May 1949 Jan 1958 Doherty retired as a player after the 1952–3 season. From 1951 he simultaneously managed Northern Ireland.
Jackie Bestall Feb 1946 May 1949
Billy Marsden Apr 1944 Feb 1946
Fred Emery Mar 1936 Jul 1940 Emery was appointed manager while still a player, but ceased playing after the 1935–36 season
David Menzies June 1927 Feb 1936
Dick Ray June 1923 May 1927
Arthur Porter May 1922 Mar 1923 Porter was "secretary-manager", but was responsible for team matters
Harry Tufnell May 1921 Mar 1922
Arthur Porter May 1920 Mar 1921

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