2008-2009 Squad is the group of players playing the 2008-2009 season for Doncaster Rovers Football Club.

Squad ListEdit

1. Neil Sullivan GK
2. James O'Connor DRC
3. Gareth Roberts DL
4. Jan van Nieuwstadt DC
5. Matthew Mills DC
6. James Chambers DRL
7. Lewis Guy ST
8. Brian Stock MC
9. Darren Byfield ST (Steve Brooker ST)
10. Gareth Taylor ST
11. Adam Lockwood DC
12. James Hayter AMR/ST
13. Ben Smith GK
14. Paul Heffernan ST
15. Mark Wilson DM
16. Dean Shiels AMRLC/ST
17. Martin Woods MLC
18. Sean McDaid DL
19. Richie Wellens MC
20. John Spicer MRC
21. Sam Hird DC
22. Dean Shiels AMRLC/ST
23. Jason Price AMRLC
24. Gordon Greer DC
25. Stuart Elliot AML/ST
26. James Coppinger AMRLC
29. Waide Fairhurst ST
30. Shelton Martis DC (On loan from West Brom)
33. Gary Woods GK

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