2005-2006 Squad is the group of players playing the 2005-2006 season for Doncaster Rovers Football Club.

Squad ListEdit

1. Andy Warrington GK
2. Simon Marples DR
3. Tim Ryan DLC
4. Stephen Roberts DC
5. John Doolan DM
6. Mark Albrighton DC
7. Lewis Guy ST
8. Sean Thornton MC
9. Neil Roberts ST
11. Jermaine McSporran AMRLC/ST
12. Jan Budtz GK
13. Leo Fortune-West ST
14. Paul Heffernan ST
15. Nick Fenton DRC
16. Jonathan Forte AML/ST (On loan from Sheffield Utd)
17. John McGrath AMRL
18. Sean McDaid DL
19. Ricky Ravenhill MC
20. Paul Green AMRC
21. Michael McIndoe AML
23. Stephen Foster DC (Jason Price AMRLC)
24. Graeme Lee DC
25. Anthony Griffith DM
26. James Coppinger AMRLC
27. Craig Nelthorpe AMRL
32. David Mulligan D/MR
34. Alan Blayney GK
36. Barry Richardson GK

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